Storing in negative emotions…

There are a lot of things that can suck a person dry …. Bacteria, microbes, parasites, fungi, viruses. A lot of people hang onto illnesses, disorders, diseases because it serves them a purpose, it benefits them. You might be thinking … Are they mad? No – of course not. They are hanging onto the illnesses, conditions, disorders etc because it makes them feel safe, it helps keep loved ones near them, it helps keep income coming in from the government disabled funds – various different reasons … Each person is different from the other. Another thing to notice is that I am saying a lot of people and not all the people. Some people do fall sick because of things happening in their body is out of their control.

Storing in regrets, resentments, rejections, anger, frustration, irritation, fears, guilt, self pity, rage etc also lead to people developing different things, ailments, conditions in their body. A lot of times people find it hard to believe that a lot of the negativity is related to themselves – not feeling worthy, being scared of the future, of a relationship, feeling like a loser, not being able to forgive themselves, not being able to meet life’s goals etc.

Think back … To yourself, a friend, a colleague, a family member … When say a relationship did not quite work out as they wanted, and within a few weeks to months, that person falls really miserably ill. Either with the flu, fever, muscle issues, kidney issues, liver issues … It might not be immediate, but you will be able to see it. That is what I am saying.

That is the Power of Our Subconscious mind. The power of our thoughts. Consciously they might not want to fall ill, but their subconscious believes that if they fall ill, then that person in the relationship would come back.


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