The emergence of You

Initially when I had started this journey, I had thought I would be able to blog daily about my daily experiences whilst pursuing my incredible holistic journey.

It has been an intensely personal experience… One of self transformation, rejuvenation, self-confidence, self-belief … One where I was able to break through so many negative belief systems that I didn’t even know existed. What an amazing experience this class has been … Where we are taught to release negativity and negative thought processes from each and every part of our body, from our organs, our lymph and blood circulatory system etc … Phenomenal is an understatement 🙂

So for the next few days, I am going to try to go through a few things that made an impact on me … But for now … On the eve of my last day in class, here is a poem that I came up with in class:

Walking on the hard stones of experience,
The Path emerges.
Disrobing clothes from the body,
Soul emerges.
Veil in front of the eyes dissolves,
Clarity emerges.
Nonsense from the ears seep out,
Truth emerges.
Release the sorrow embedded in the heart,
Love emerges.
The soles of the feet cut,
Healing emerges.
Golden light envelopes the soul and body.
God emerges.
You emerge.

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