The simple things in life…

“When we take time to notice the simple things in life, we never lack encouragement. We discover we are surrounded by limitless hope that’s just wearing everyday clothes.”

– Anonymous

So true!

We get wrapped up and caught up with all the ‘other’ things in our life, all the complications, the things that didn’t work out, the things that should have happened but didn’t, the relationships that didn’t work out … That we don’t even see the little simple things in life that bring a smile to our faces, that light up the skies in our universe. The smile of a baby, the light of joy in our lover’s eyes when we walk in through the door, the friends that just love us for who we are, the mother who just knows how to cherish us, the father who knows how to laugh at our stupid jokes. The peace in our cities, in our hearts, in our lives.

After all life is simple … So why do we complicate it? 🙂

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