A week into it…

So here I am, studying Intuitive Anatomy of the ThetaHealing Course – an intense 3 weeks course where you go through each and every organ of your body, your skeletal and muscle system, digestive system etc and release all stored up negative beliefs and thought patterns, and initiate a shift in your life. Initially I thought I would be able to write each and every day once I started my courses. Sorry about that! The first week has been such a personal experience … A humbling experience.

My fellow students come from different parts of the USA, from Japan, Sri Lanka, UK, Belgium … With different religious beliefs, different holistic backgrounds, different upbringings and various age groups. It makes it even more amazing how during different exercises we choose people randomly and yet we are both working with similar belief systems that we are trying to overcome.

So much gets released that there is tension, irritation, meltdowns … But we all consciously know its part of the process.

For people to understand, it doesnt mean that to do holisic healing or to study a holistic healing modality, you have to have gone through the worse of life, that you are depressed, that you are incapable … Nope! I haven’t gone through that (touchwood) but yet we carry belief systems that limit our thinking, our perspective, our loving, our living. Its about letting go of these restrictive thinkings and patterns … And embracing the fullness and joy of living. And to do that, it starts with the person itself. Change your perspective, and everything around you changes

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