United Airlines … dont bother flying!

The American system of baggage and national security doesn’t fit together. So 4 days ago, I am on one flight and my bags were loaded on the original flight despite me not boarding on the original flight. My bags land in before I do. Hmmm well it did get in safe and sound.

2 days ago, I travel again and my bags don’t get in. After me calling 5 times I am told – oh it will get delivered. Sure. It did. Middle of the night 10 houses down!! Left on their front porch! Errr why didn’t you call me?  Oh it was too late and we didn’t want to disturb you. Hahhaha really? But its ok to leave my bags on someone elses porch in the middle of the night?!! And no one in United Airlines knew what was happening and why! ‘Oh you got your bags? We didn’t know!’

Me getting mad at some call center in India wouldn’t help either. Definitely Indian call center.

Seriously? If national security is your prime concern, fix baggage issues because if you left my bags in the middle of the night in a city like New York then either you will trigger a swat alert or simply stolen bags!!

Oh yes … United Airlines … You have no clue what customer service means. Pls go to Dubai or India and learn.


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