Jet lag + adjustment bureau…

I hate long flights! Its the jet lag that throws off my entire physical system and diminishes my thinking capability. No matter how much caffeine I chug down, at some point, the body rebels and just wants to lie straight and have its normal 8 hrs of precious sleep. And yes bless technology – am writing this sitting on the plane using free wifi 🙂

This time around I decided – no books! No buying or reading books. I am a speed reader (or so I have been told) and I devour them like a shark swimming towards his prey. In this trip of over 24 hours I would have read atleast 4 to 6 books. So no books meant finding different forms of entertainment to stay awake 🙂

The more I looked around my surroundings in the plane or at the various airports, the more I started thinking of different ways to brand. Yes you can take the girl out of advertising but you cannot take advertising out of the girl! Since recession, its funny what brands can now brand since everyone needs the $$$. Even the airports that used to be relatively ‘ad clean’ are now cluttered.

So, my bags are on one flight and am on another flight – both going to the same destination and reaching at relatively the same time. Basically I was at the right gate till 30 mins before boarding when they changed the boarding gate. Now two flights + 30 mins apart + both delayed + and one digit difference in flight numbers + Lack of sleep for 18 hours = Confusion. And me being me and 10 other international travelers didn’t realize it. So come boarding time, they tell me ‘oh wrong gate’ but were sweet enough to still board me. But bags are on the other flight (or so I have been told!!). When I was sitting there, I kept having the nagging feeling something is wrong, but since I had triple checked the gate number, I kept saying stupid me. Lol. Its like that movie – the adjustment bureau – where you are ‘nudged’ to go elsewhere despite knowing that instinctively that its not where you want to go, but still fate does tiny adjustments to keep you on the universal game plan! Hehehe let’s see if the bags land! 🙂

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