Spring cleaning….

I was spring cleaning out my wardrobe and it got me thinking. What if life was just like our cupboards? We could go through it and remove all the old useless things that don’t fit into our life anymore. Empty out the junk so that we have enough space to bring in new things. We could dig into the back of our cupboard and pull out all the crappy memories and experiences hidden away in the little nooks and corners and just trash it into the bin. We could arrange all our priorities and responsibilities properly and put them in the front of the cupboard so that we don’t forget and we find time to organise our life. We could throw out the hate, the regrets, the resentments, the jealousies, the insecurities, the negativity and keep the love, the laughter, the hope, the self belief, the self-confidence, the positivity. And then we find something precious hidden away that brings a smile to our face – a memory that makes our heart skip a beat, a friend that we treasure but we havent had time to call. Maybe it is possible to do that …. Hmmm … Think about it. 😀

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