The art of hugging

Hugs. Those who know me know how much I love hugs – receiving and giving. I am your perpetual hugger .. In real life, on BB, on FB hehehe I believe hugs can solve any issue, resolve differences, a fabulous way to apologise, to show people how much you love them, appreciate them, miss them. Hug a child and they feel wanted. You will feel wanted. But beware of fake hugs!!

Any hug will just not do. Why should you accept any sub-standard, low vibration, wannabe hug?? The right hug has to come from the heart, acknowledging the love and bond between 2 people. You should be able to feel the joy in the hug. When you are enveloped in the hug, you should feel safe, secure, happy and wanted. Most importantly the hug should bring a big smile on your face!! 😀 If you are lucky, the hug will sweep you off your feet in sheer ecstasy!

So you ask “ok what is the right way to hug?”

Simply put … Its heart to heart. Literally. Your heart should meet theirs when you hug! Just experience the way a child gives you a hug … The little one completely and freely envelopes you and his heart touches yours.

Did you know the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh actually has a hugging meditation? How fantastic is that?

“When we hug, our hearts connect and we know that we are not separate beings” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

If you want to know more about the hugging meditation, please visit the below link:

So…. Who did you hug today with your heart? 😀

One thought on “The art of hugging”

  1. Love hugs! The best ones are from kids because there is pure love in them when they hug you. No thoughts of “norms” etc.

    I’m sure you’re gonna get lots more of these as your teaching career progresses 🙂


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