The joy of teaching preschoolers

A colleague of mine from work asked me … what is it about preschool children that is putting that smile on your face?

My answer: their innocent honesty. Seriously. Little kids are very honest in their opinions. Either they like you or they don’t. Either they like coming to school or doing an activity or they don’t. It’s that simple. Here in advertising, you are practically “habibi’d” on an hourly basis because someone wants something from you. In the corporate world, you face a lot of crap, lies, backstabbing, fake friendships … it is pretty common. With teaching preschoolers, their honesty is simply heart-warming, and the reason for my constant smile!

Even after a hard day at school, where we’ve had wailing and difficult children, it is still rewarding. Each little achievement means something to us and to the child. Getting them to become friends, to adapt to the new environment, to get them to form a bond with us, to trust us, to get involved in the different activities, to learn to write their names … where the joy of each accomplishment reflects in their eyes and their smiles. That smile just grabs me and keeps me going.

I love doing art activities with them. No boundaries for creativity because none exists in their minds. Its amazing when they do these little activities with you – be it maths or art or physical development … something that’s so simple for us, we don’t realise how much joy they get by doing these activities. They grow more confident with these little self-achievements. Kids today are much smarter than we were growing up. Little adults who know so much about the world around them but yet are protected by their innocence.  They are  clean slates, and it scares me how much we as teachers (or adults) can actually put into them! Their minds are so open that whatever we say to them goes and embeds itself into their subconscious mind – be it negative or positive. It’s so important to watch our behaviour and words around these little adults to protect them.

Sometimes I wish they could stay that way forever. Little innocent adults.

“Children make you want to start life over.” ~Muhammad Ali


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