I am no Superman

I love the intro song of Scrubs:  “I can’t do this all on my own, no I know I am no Superman!”

So apt! At some point in our lives, no matter how strong we are, we realise that we can’t do xyz on our own because in reality we aren’t Superman. Yet we try to be, pretend to be 🙂 and what we forget is, at times, even Superman needed help battling his arch enemies 🙂 So why do we shy away from asking for support when we need it?

I am getting addicted to the series of Scrubs. I am half way into the 4th season, and I love the way JD & Turk stand up and support each other, even when its something ridiculous and stupid. But hey – the closest of friends do that! My friends do! When I look back, I wonder why did they even stick around during my “workaholic bitchy” days? Yes they did kick my butt when needed, and even if I wasn’t around for them, they were there for me. Deep down, I think, even though I refused to admit I was no Superman, they knew I would need the push, the support, the shoulder to cry on, and the well-timed kicks in the butt to get me to see reality and get a move on!

We are a group of 7 girlfriends from high school and college, who yap away each and every day on a dedicated group on bb messenger, sharing pictures, stories, gossip, advice etc. One of the husbands called us “BB wh#$*s”!!! heheh So funny!!  The only fabulous thing about the explosion in technology is the BB messenger. 7 of us, each living in a different city with different lives and responsibilities. Yet we are so connected that it doesn’t feel like we are missing out so much in each other’s lives. We are there for each other on the days when we cannot be “Superman” and need that advice, kick in the butt and support to get through.

I guess it’s all about feeling blessed and loved for being simply us, simply human and knowing that its ok not to be Superman every day 🙂


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