The Power of Meditation

Got an email yesterday asking “what exactly does meditation do?”

The best way I can describe it is a quote I came across a few weeks ago:

“Meditation brings rebellion in life — rebellion against all traditions, conventions, dogmas, creeds, rebellion against the whole past, because unless you are completely clean of the past you cannot be totally herenow. And unless you are totally herenow you will never know what the truth is.” -Osho

We are experiencing a wave of rebellion across the globe, where people want to cleanse out the past and bring in the new. Similarly, we as humans carry so much junk within us, we clutter our lives with the past, negative thoughts and emotions that we have no space left to allow the good things to enter. Imagine a whirlpool – thats the past, the negative, the drama. We are the boats caught in the whirlpool, and all we do is go round and round, sinking deeper and deeper into the drama of the past, unless somehow, some miraculous force of nature (a gigantic crane) literally yanks us out of the whirlpool in one big pull and places us in safe and serene waters. For some people, meditation can be that gigantic crane.

We hear of people talking about detox. They go through regiments removing the toxins out of their physical body – which is great at times for health reasons.  Similarly, how many of us detoxify out our emotions? There are a variety of emotions and experiences that take a toll on us but we like to hold on more to the bad than the good 🙂 humans na? We love the drama!

Meditation forces you to look at yourself, the good and the bad. It helps you release the emotional toxins of the past and adopt a positive mindset. Those few minutes you spend in sheer quietness, its you talking to yourself. Its you being honest to yourself. Its you rebelling, you saying – I am done with this! No one is there listening and seeing you except you. If you dont like what you see and hear, how can you expect someone else to like it?


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